Properties of schema mashups: dynamicity, semantic, mixins, hyperschemas

Balisage 2008: The Markup Conference

RefleX and Active Tags were present at Balisage: The Markup Conference in August 2008 (Montréal, Canada).

The W3C XML Schema 1.1 is in a "last call working draft" status. One of the most significant change is perhaps the support of co-occurrence constraints that was missing in 1.0 and expected by the community. For the other missing stuffs -who knows what they are- we have to wait for W3C XML Schema 1.2 and so on. In this paper, we'll have a prospective approach: we examine some features that the author has already implemented as a demonstration, and imagine others that lead us to consider new usages of schema technologies.

For this purpose, we introduce an experimental but innovative schema technology : the Active Schema Language, or ASL. The strength of ASL comes from its runtime environment : the Active Tags engine that was presented last year at Extreme Markup Languages in Montreal. Active Tags can host several runnable tag libraries and a schema language like ASL is just another library like other tag libraries, but built on top of this framework that offers to ASL lots of valuable services.

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