Active Tags : Mastering XML with XML

RefleX and Active Tags were present at Extreme Markup Languages in August 2007 (Montréal, Canada).

Extreme Markup Languages

Active Tags is a language-independent, general-purpose native XML programming system that provides a generic runtime container for multiple executable markup languages. Active Tags is not a markup language but a set of specifications that describe the system and its libraries (called "modules") and the catalog-like structure that holds it all together. Active Tags programs ("active sheets") are XPath-centric, like XSLT, and (also like XSLT) may contain both instructions and XML literals. Unlike XSLT, a single sheet may contain several instruction sets, each bound to a namespace, and the sheet may be procedural, declarative, or both. After explaining enough of the architecture to enable us all to follow the logic, the author illustrates active sheets that filter SAX streams using XPath patterns, utilize XML macro-tags, and browse non-XML data.

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