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Packages that use BuiltinSchema
org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types Provides type support for ASL. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types.adt The Active Datatypes implementation. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types.xs A bridge between W3C XML Schema datatypes and Active Tags. 

Uses of BuiltinSchema in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types

Subclasses of BuiltinSchema in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types
 class BuiltinTypeSchema
          A schema for built-in types.

Uses of BuiltinSchema in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types.adt

Subclasses of BuiltinSchema in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types.adt
 class ADTSchema
          The built-in schema for ADT data types.

Uses of BuiltinSchema in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types.xs

Subclasses of BuiltinSchema in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types.xs
 class XSSchema
          The built-in schema for XS data types.