Package org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl

The Active Schema Language implementation.


Interface Summary
ASLNames Names for elements, attributes, and values.
AttributeDefinition The definition of an attribute.
ElementDefinition The definition of an element.
Schema A shema holds definitions for elements, types, and attributes.
SchemaClientHandler A schema client is used by applications to consume lists of authorized material regarding a candidate material.

Class Summary
AbstractPrimitiveModelAction At runtime, the AbstractPrimitiveModelAction defines a selection list.
AbstractStepAction An abstract representation common to most ASL elements.
ActiveSchemaAction The <asl:active-shema> element is the root element of an Active Shema.
AssertAction The <asl:assert> element defines an assertion.
AttributeAction At runtime, the <asl:attribute> element defines or refer to an attribute.
AttributeAction.NameRef Refers to an attribute by its name.
AttributeAction.NamespaceRef Refers to an attribute set by its namespace URI.
AttributeDefinitionAction At runtime, the <asl:attribute> element with its name attribute defines an attribute.
BlockAction The <asl:block> element defines an identifiable block.
BuiltinSchema A support for built-in schemata.
CandidateFunction The asl:candidate() function returns the candidate material to check.
CandidateNode Base implementation of candidate nodes.
CapCandidate A candidate material to cork node lists ends.
ChoiceAction The <asl:choice> defines a choice list.
ContainerStepAction The <asl:step> element defines a step.
DocumentFunction The asl:document() function returns the XML document processed by ASL.
ElementAction The <asl:element> element refers to an element.
ElementAction.NameRef Refers to an element by its name.
ElementAction.NamespaceRef Refers to an element by its namespace URI.
ElementDefinitionAction The <asl:element> element defines an element.
ElementFunction The asl:element() function returns the element that hosts the content and attributes to check.
ElementValidatorHandler A schema client handler designed to validate an element.
GlobalSchema A GlobalSchema holds all the schema instances of a given namespace URI.
InterimStepAction An interim step has two facets : this STEP action, and a context-feeder (the InterimStepAction.InterimAction inner class).
ItemMatcher An item matcher used to build a mixed list of elements and text content, a list of attributes, a list of types, or a list of assertions.
MasterSchema A MasterSchema hold the ordered list of schemata needed when checking an XML document.
MaxOccursProperty The $asl:max-occurs property value computed on behalf a step.
MessageFunction The asl:message() function formats a message.
MinOccursProperty The $asl:min-occurs property value computed on behalf a step.
ParseSchemaAction The <asl:parse-schema> element.
SchemaBuilder A schema builder.
SchemaFinder The lookup strategy for schemata : bottom-up, registry before, interleave.
SelectAction The <asl:select> element defines a selection list.
SequenceAction The <asl:sequence> element defines a sequence.
TextAction At runtime, the <asl:text> element defines a text value, refers to a text type, or matches a pattern.
TextAction.InlineType Defines a text action that refers to a data type which is defined inline.
TextAction.Pattern Defines a text action that matches a pattern.
TextAction.TypeNameRef Defines a text action that refers to a data type by its name.
TextAction.Value Defines a text action that matches a value.
TextCandidate Support for candidate texts used for testing a type.
TextCandidate.Attr A candidate text for an attribute value.
TextCandidate.Text A candidate text for which comments and processing instructions have been ignored and adjacent text nodes merged.
UseAction The <asl:use> element indicates to use an identifiable element.
ValidateAction The <asl:validate> element validates an XML document or an XML element.
ValidationError Errors reported when validating an XML document with a schema.

Package org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl Description

The Active Schema Language implementation.


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