Interface NamedType

All Known Subinterfaces:
NamedEvent, NamedNode, Type
All Known Implementing Classes:
AnySimpleType, AnyType, ByteType, DateTimeType, DateType, DecimalType, DoubleType, ExpressionType, FloatType, IntegerType, IntType, LongType, NamedItem, NegativeIntegerType, NonNegativeIntegerType, NonPositiveIntegerType, PositiveIntegerType, PrefixesType, PrefixType, QNameType, SAXNode, ShortType, StringType, TimeType, TypeAction, XApplication, XComponent, XMapComponent, XRequest, XResponse, XResult, XService, XSession

public interface NamedType

A type that has a name must implement this interface ; an anonymous type mustn't.

Philippe Poulard

Method Summary
 QName getTypeName()
          Return the non-null name of this type.

Method Detail


QName getTypeName()
Return the non-null name of this type.

The name of this type.