Class Builder

  extended by org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.catalog.Builder
Direct Known Subclasses:
CatalogBuilder, FilterBuilder, ModuleBuilder, SchemaBuilder, TypeBuilder, XMLBuilder

public abstract class Builder
extends Object

A Builder uses an input to deliver an instance of the object that the input represents. A single builder is not intended to deliver several instances each time the getInstance() method is invoked. However, XMLBuilder seems to waive this principle, because it can deliver either a SAX event producer or a DOM tree ; in fact, both represent the same data model, giving just different APIs ; so the instance delivered is effectively "the same" in a higher point of view.

To deliver an instance, the following steps are performed :

If an instance of the object can be delivered, next requests should deliver it quickly.

This class is used to provide instances of huge objects stored in a file or in a data base ; for example, EXP modules, catalogs, and schemata are usually backed by a builder. The input is usually a file name, or an URI...


This builder can act as a wrapper if a ready-to-use object is available.

To do so, concrete implementations of this class must fill the protected member #object that will be directly delivered.

Philippe Poulard

Constructor Summary
Builder(Object name, Object input)
          Create a builder from an input.
Method Summary
 boolean equals(Object obj)
 Object getInstance()
          Return an instance that is represented by the input.
 int hashCode()
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Constructor Detail


public Builder(Object name,
               Object input)
Create a builder from an input.

If a string is given as input, it may be in the following format : "res:org.acme.MyCatalog".

name - The name of the object.
input - The input that will be used to build the instance.
Method Detail


public boolean equals(Object obj)
equals in class Object
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public int hashCode()
hashCode in class Object
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public Object getInstance()
                   throws Exception
Return an instance that is represented by the input.

Once an instance is resolved, this builder always delivers it, except if the reference is a class name (a new instance will be created).

The non-null object built now or previously by this builder.
Exception - When the input can't be used to build a new instance.