Interface LookupStrategy

All Known Implementing Classes:
CatalogFinder, ExternalIdentifierFinder, FilterFinder, LookupStrategy.Impl, ModuleFinder, SchemaFinder, URIReferenceFinder

public interface LookupStrategy

Embeds the lookup strategy and the caching policy to use when retrieving an entry in a catalog.

A lookup is performed with a builder factory that can supply builders of the expected type. The builder itself will supply an instance of the resource expected. The post-process is part of the catalog resolution algorithm, as specified in the Active Catalog specification.

Philippe Poulard

Nested Class Summary
static class LookupStrategy.Impl
          A skeletal implementation of the LookupStrategy interface.
Method Summary
 Iterator lookup(GlobalCatalog globCatalog, CatalogKey key, BuilderFactory builderFactory)
          Lookup for a resource in a global catalog.

Method Detail


Iterator lookup(GlobalCatalog globCatalog,
                CatalogKey key,
                BuilderFactory builderFactory)
Lookup for a resource in a global catalog.

globCatalog - The global catalog to look into.
key - The key to look for.
builderFactory - The factory that can create a specific context-dependant builder.
An unmodifiable iterator on some builders. Never null.
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