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Packages that use Resource
org.inria.ns.reflex.processor Provides core classes for the engine. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.catalog The Active Catalog implementation. 

Uses of Resource in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor

Methods in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor that return Resource
 Resource Bootstrap.PrimalCatalog.lookupResources(CatalogKey key)
          Looks for a resource.

Uses of Resource in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.catalog

Methods in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.catalog that return Resource
 Resource CatalogAction.lookupResources(CatalogKey key)
          Find the resource that has the given key in this catalog.
 Resource Catalog.lookupResources(CatalogKey key)
          Retrieve the resources associated with the given key ; this catalog won't look in the next catalogs by itself ; if a catalog iterator was used to get this catalog, the method getNextCatalogs() MUST be called ; the resource will be able to supply it to a client that needs to perform further research with the catalog iterator.