Package org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.core

The implementation of the core module ; provides also basic classes used by actions.


Interface Summary
CoreNames Names for elements, attributes, and values.
Fallback A Fallback action simply marks actions that are used to recover a parent action that fails at runtime.
StaticAction A convenient marker for STANDALONE hard-coded actions that can't refer to neither a parent nor an XML node.
XMLWhitespaceKeeper Marker to keep XML text that contains only whitespaces.

Class Summary
AbstractAction Base support for all active tags.
AbstractAction.UselessAction An action that does nothing except trying to reorganize the set of actions that is depending from.
AbstractFeedAction An action that produces a data that feeds the current context.
AbstractSetAction Provides basic infrastructure for actions that will set a property to the data set at runtime.
ContextFunction The context() function return the context.
CountFunction CountFunction
CurrentFunction The current() function return the current object.
LiteralElementAction A LiteralElementAction is an XML element which appears as is in an Active Sheet (and which is not active) ; each of its attributes can be an expression evaluated at runtime.
LiteralTextAction A LiteralTextAction is an XML text inside an Active Sheet that is evaluated at runtime to produce an XML text or other objects.
LogicAction This class defines a named logic procedure.
MainAction A convenient action object used as the main logic procedure.
NoAction At runtime, the NoAction does nothing.
NormalizeSpaceFunction NormalizeSpaceFunction
NumberFunction NumberFunction
QNameFunction The qname() function return a QName object.
StringFunction StringFunction
ThisProperty This resolver is used to retrieve the document that represents the current instance of the active sheet thanks to the predefined property $this.
ValueFunction The value() function return the value of an object.
VersionAttr A foreign attribute that set the version of a module to use.

Package org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.core Description

The implementation of the core module ; provides also basic classes used by actions.

See Active Tags : Core reference