Package org.inria.ns.reflex.processor

Provides core classes for the engine.


Interface Summary
BubbleMessage A bubble message is a special data that feeds a context, to be used by a specific target.
ForeignAttribute A foreign attribute is an XML attribute that is bound to a namespace URI, usually different from the element it belongs.
Names Registered names and namespace URIs.
PropertyResolver Implementations of this class are plugged in front of the data setto compute specific properties that are not stored within the data set.

Class Summary
Bootstrap The Bootstrap class contains a registry and a catalog that are static and always available for any processor.
Bootstrap.PrimalCatalog The PrimalCatalog is a hard-coded catalog that refers to all RefleX resources.
BubbleMessage.Impl A default implementation.
ClassBuilder Represents the builder that delivers instances for a specific QName on behalf of a module.
DataSet A DataSet is used to store properties used by the RefleX processor at runtime.
DataSet.Embedded An Embedded data set that can be stored safely (it can be reached with a permanent strong reference).
ForeignAttribute.Impl A partial implementation of foreign attribute.
ForeignAttribute.Marker A foreign attribute that is just a marker (does nothing).
Module A module allows to group related Active Tags features together.
Module.DeferredModule A module that unmarshals itself only when it is invoked.
ModuleBuilder A ModuleBuilder creates a Module.
ModuleFinder The lookup strategy for modules : top-down, registry before, interleave, rely on registry.
NoModule A marker that denotes that no module were found.
ProcessorInstance The processor instance is the active form of an Active Sheet.
PropertyResolver.Impl A default implementation that does nothing.

Exception Summary
BreakException This exception is thrown when a break action is encountered.
ContinueException This exception is thrown when a continue action is encountered.
EngineCorruptedException This exception occurs when a basic service of the engine fails, such as when the implementation of an XPath function is missing.
ExitException This exception is thrown when an exit action is encountered.

Package org.inria.ns.reflex.processor Description

Provides core classes for the engine.

Once an XML active sheet is unmarshalled, it gives a processor instance.

The RefleX processor works in two steps :

The processor is safe thread, thus several datas sets can be processed at the same time without causing fault.

When unmarshalling the active sheet, active materials are looked up within the catalog according to their namespace URIs. A bootstrap catalog contains all modules defined by this engine.

Each module found may define :

See Also:
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