Interface Unwrappable

All Known Subinterfaces:
BubbleMessage, TypedData
All Known Implementing Classes:
BubbleMessage.Impl, CalendarData, CompositeData, DelegateResolver, DOMAttr, DOMElement, DOMFragment, DOMProcessingInstruction, DynamicList.Impl, Exportable, ExtensibleBufferedInputStream, ExtensibleBufferedReader, GroupFunction.OuterList, IntrusiveXClient, JaxenXPathFunctionResolver.JaxenXPathFunction, LookupKey, NamedItem, NumericData, QExpression.QNameWrapper, QueryAction, ResourceFound, Rule.XPathPattern, SAXNode, SelectAction, TextAction.InlineType.WrappedTypeMatcher, TextCandidate.Attr, TextCandidate.Text, TypedData.DefaultTypedData, TypedData.Impl, UpdateAction, UserData, XApplication, XClient, XCookie, XFile, XFrame, XMLDBFileSystem, XRequest, XResponse, XResult, XService

public interface Unwrappable

An unwrappable object is an object that wrap another object for compatibility purpose, and that can be safely unwrapped.

Philippe Poulard

Nested Class Summary
static class Unwrappable.Unwrapper
          Unwrap recursively an unwrappable if necessary.
Field Summary
static Unwrappable.Unwrapper UNWRAPPER
          The singleton unwrapper.
Method Summary
 Object unwrap()
          Return the object wrapped.

Field Detail


static final Unwrappable.Unwrapper UNWRAPPER
The singleton unwrapper.

Method Detail


Object unwrap()
Return the object wrapped. The object wrapped must be of the same type of the wrapper.