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Packages that use XOperable
org.inria.ns.reflex Access classes to RefleX (command line interface, servlet). Provides I/O features. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.modules.rdbms Provides RDBMS features. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.modules.web Provides Web features. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.processor Provides core classes for the engine. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl The Active Schema Language implementation. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types Provides type support for ASL. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types.xs A bridge between W3C XML Schema datatypes and Active Tags. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.util.wunit Module for WUnit testing. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.xml Core XML features. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.xml.sax SAX related utilities such as SAX aggregator, SAX converter, parsers, etc. 

Uses of XOperable in org.inria.ns.reflex

Classes in org.inria.ns.reflex that implement XOperable
 class ReflexCLI
          ReflexCLI is a Command Line Interface for the RefleX engine.

Uses of XOperable in

Classes in that implement XOperable
 class XFile
          A file (#io:x-file) that is X-operable according to the Active Tags specification.

Uses of XOperable in org.inria.ns.reflex.modules.rdbms

Classes in org.inria.ns.reflex.modules.rdbms that implement XOperable
 class XResult
          XResult is a list of rows.

Uses of XOperable in org.inria.ns.reflex.modules.web

Classes in org.inria.ns.reflex.modules.web that implement XOperable
 class XApplication
          A Web application (#web:x-application) is implemented in RefleX as a ServletContext ; XApplication wraps a ServletContext and exposes it as an XComponent.
 class XCookie
          XCookie (#web:x-cookie) wraps a Cookie.
 class XRequest
          XRequest (#web:x-request) wraps an HttpServletRequest and exposes it as an XComponent.
 class XResponse
          XResponse (#web:x-response) wraps an HttpServletResponse and exposes it as an XComponent.
 class XService
          An HTTP service (#web:x-service) is implemented in RefleX as an HttpServlet ; XService wraps an HttpServlet and exposes it as an XComponent.
 class XSession
          XSession ($web:session) wraps an HttpSession and exposes it as an XComponent.

Uses of XOperable in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor

Classes in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor that implement XOperable
 class DataSet
          A DataSet is used to store properties used by the RefleX processor at runtime.
 class ProcessorInstance
          The processor instance is the active form of an Active Sheet.

Uses of XOperable in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl

Classes in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl that implement XOperable
 class ValidationError
          Errors reported when validating an XML document with a schema.

Uses of XOperable in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types

Subinterfaces of XOperable in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types
 interface TypedData
          A typed data.

Classes in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types that implement XOperable
 class CompositeData
          This class is a support for a composed data built by a Type.
static class TypedData.DefaultTypedData
static class TypedData.Impl
          A minimal implementation of typed data.

Uses of XOperable in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types.xs

Classes in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.asl.types.xs that implement XOperable
 class CalendarData
          The typed data for dates, times, and durations.
 class NumericData
          The typed data for numerics.

Uses of XOperable in org.inria.ns.reflex.util.wunit

Classes in org.inria.ns.reflex.util.wunit that implement XOperable
 class IntrusiveXClient
          Extend the capabilities of the client (#wunit:x-client) for handling server-side components.
 class XClient
          A Web client (#wunit:x-client) that can discuss with a Web server.
 class XFrame
          Represent a window (#wunit:x-frame) of a Web browser.

Uses of XOperable in org.inria.ns.reflex.xml

Classes in org.inria.ns.reflex.xml that implement XOperable
 class QName
          A QName (qualified name) is an XML name built either with a prefix bound to a namespace URI and a local part, separated by a colon, or a non-colonned name that may be bound to a namespace URI.
 class XComponent
          An X-component that has a list as content.
 class XMapComponent
          An X-component that has a map as content.

Uses of XOperable in org.inria.ns.reflex.xml.sax

Classes in org.inria.ns.reflex.xml.sax that implement XOperable
 class SAXNode
          A SAXNode belongs to the sole branch held while reading an XML tree.