Package org.inria.ns.reflex.util.json

Basic components for handling JSON structures.


Interface Summary
JSONFactory A JSON factory build custom values found while parsing a JSON structure.
JSONHandler The methods of this interface are called by the parser when a comment, a value, or a member (a pair of name-value) have to be inserted in the structure hold in the given context.

Class Summary
JSONConfiguration Embeds the behaviour of the JSON parser regarding the conformance to JSON (see section 4 in RFC 4627) and convenient options.
JSONContext A JSON context used when parsing a JSON structure.
JSONParser Read a stream of characters and parses it as a JSON structure.

Exception Summary
JSONException Exceptions for JSON.

Package org.inria.ns.reflex.util.json Description

Basic components for handling JSON structures.

They are separated in various classes to allow with ease extension and customization.