Package org.inria.ns.reflex.util

Provides various utilities.


Interface Summary
Constraint A constraint to apply when scanning an input.
DynamicList A DynamicList is a kind of list for which its items are added while iterating on it.
EntryBuilder An entry builder can create a map entry.
EntryFactory An entry factory can build entries requested for the first time from a deferred map.
EntryMap A map that stores entries as values.
NumberConstraint A number constraint is used by scanners to read numbers under conditions, such as limiting the number of total digits to read, or accepting negative numbers, forcing a number to be an integer, etc.
ObjectConstraint A constraint used by scanners to read specific objects under conditions.
Storable A Storable resource can be represented by a builder in a registry.
StringConstraint A string constraint is used by scanners to read strings under conditions, such as limiting the number of characters to read, or stop reading when a whitespace is encountered.

Class Summary
CollectionsHelper Usefull stuff that deals with collections, such as few iterators, and others.
CollectionsHelper.ArrayIterator An iterator to browse an array.
CollectionsHelper.DeferredIterator A deferred Iterator.
CollectionsHelper.IteratorCumulator An Iterator that browse 2 or 3 Iterators.
CollectionsHelper.SingleObjectIterator An iterator that wraps a single object.
CollectionsHelper.TokenSet Stores a set of tokens in a hashtable for fast index retrieval.
CollectionsHelper.UnmodifiableIterator An unmodifiable Iterator.
DeferredEntryMap A deferred map that has its entries instance of Map.Entry.
DeferredList A deferred list contains predefined items that are stored in the list when the list is invoked.
DeferredMap A map that contains entries supplied by a factory.
Discover A simple service discovery component for retrieving classes.
DynamicList.AbstractCompleted A completed abstract dynamic list, that is to say a list that prevent singletons from unwrapping.
DynamicList.Completed A completed dynamic list, that is to say a list that prevent singletons from unwrapping.
DynamicList.Impl A dynamic list backed by an iterator.
DynamicMap A map with entries that the value is computable.
EntryFactory.Impl A partial implementation of an entry factory.
EntryMap.Impl A default implementation of an entry map.
FilteredIterator Instances of classes that implement this interface are used to filter items of an iterator.
Invoker A class that allow to access members with restricted access.
Key A key used to store typed and named resources in a registry.
LookupKey A LookupKey is a key that allow to retrieve a resource in a registry.
NumberConstraint.NumberClassConstraint Base class for checking constraints on number types.
NumberConstraint.Type A constraint on numbers : after parsing the number, it will be of the type given.
ReaderScanner A scanner for stream of characters.
Registry A Registry is a structure used to store typed resources.
Scanner A scanner can read characters from an input stream under conditions.
SortedList A list that may contains duplicate items (according to their natural comparator).
StringScanner A scanner for sequences of chars (i.e. strings).
TrackableReaderScanner A scanner that tracks the current line and column.
UnmarshalHelper Helper methods when unmarshalling.
UserData A basic container for wrapping a user data.
Version Get the version of a component.

Package org.inria.ns.reflex.util Description

Provides various utilities.