Package org.inria.ns.reflex.util.wunit

Module for WUnit testing.


Interface Summary
WUnitNames Names for WUnit.

Class Summary
ClientFactory Used as a base class for creating Web clients.
ConversationAction A <wunit:conversation> between non-visual Web client and an HTTP server or eventually an emulated servlet container.
DirectConnexion A connexion that forward I/O to a server emulator.
EventAction Fire an event : "click", "change", "focus", etc...
FillFormAction <wunit:fill-form> allow to fill a form in a frame.
HtmlAction Submit an action through an HTML element (link, button, form).
HttpService An abstraction of an HTTP service that supplies server-side components.
IntrusiveXClient Extend the capabilities of the client (#wunit:x-client) for handling server-side components.
ServerEmulator Emulates a Web server.
SessionProperty This resolver is used to retrieve the current session or create a new session thanks to the predefined property $wunit:session.
SubmitAction <wunit:submit> either a click or an HTTP request or a form to a servlet container.
SwitchConnexion A connexion that either perform an HTTP connexion or forward I/O to the server emulator according to the target host.
UrlAction Submit an URL to the client.
XClient A Web client (#wunit:x-client) that can discuss with a Web server.
XFrame Represent a window (#wunit:x-frame) of a Web browser.

Package org.inria.ns.reflex.util.wunit Description

Module for WUnit testing.