Package org.inria.ns.reflex.xml.dom

DOM related utilities such as fragment parsers, etc.


Interface Summary
ImportStrategy An ImportStrategy embeds the methods used for importing a node from a fragment to a target document fragment.

Class Summary
DOMAdaptableParser A DOMAdaptableParser parses an XML source that may be an entire XML document (with or without DTD stuff) as well as an XML fragment (with several root elements and/or eventually text around the root element(s) ).
DOMAttr A wrapper for a DOM Attr that can be renamed.
DOMContext A DOMContext keeps alive a complete DOM tree.
DOMElement A wrapper for a DOM Element that can be renamed.
DOMFilter Browse a DOM tree in order to apply rules.
DOMFragment A DocumentFragment must behave like a list ; this implementation is a wrapper.
DOMFragmentParser DOMFragmentParser build a document fragment from an XML fragment source that has not necessary a unique root element, or that may have text content around the root element(s).
DOMHelper DOM-helper static methods.
DOMListOperator XML operations on a DOM list.
DOMMapOperator XML operations on a DOM map.
DOMOperator DOM-related operations.
DOMProcessingInstruction A wrapper for a DOM ProcessingInstruction that can be renamed.
ListOfNodes A list of nodes.
MapOfNamedNode A named node map.

Package org.inria.ns.reflex.xml.dom Description

DOM related utilities such as fragment parsers, etc.