Package org.inria.ns.reflex.xml.filter

Filtering facilities.


Interface Summary
Filter The definition of a filter, usable at runtime.
Rule A Rule is an XPath pattern or a Regular expression or both or whatever that can be tested upon an XML item.
RuleBasedFilter A filter defined by a set of rules.
RuleSet A RuleSet is composed of several rules, such as when a rule is defined with union patterns.
RunnableRuleBasedFilter A RunnableRuleBasedFilter can apply rules and forward nodes to the next step by itself.
StandaloneFilter A StandaloneFilter is a filter that process itself the input.

Class Summary
AbstractFilter Filters an XML entry thanks to a set of rules (XPath patterns, regular expressions, CSS selectors, etc).
FilterBuilder A FilterBuilder can parse an external file to a compiled filter.
FilterContext A context for a filter hold some informations about the way to process the last matched node.
FilterContextFactory A factory that can create a context for a filter.
FilterFinder The lookup strategy for filters : bottom-up, registry before, interleave.
Rule.XPathPattern A rule built from a XPathPattern.
RulesSupport Support for rules.
XIncludeFilter A built-in filter that replaces some content tagged with XInclude.
XIncludeRules The rules for XInclude filters.

Exception Summary
XIncludeLoopException XIncludeLoopException occurs when an XInclude inclusion loop is detected.

Package org.inria.ns.reflex.xml.filter Description

Filtering facilities.