Package org.inria.ns.reflex.xml

Core XML features.


Interface Summary
CompiledExpression Defines a compiled XPath/XPointer expression ready to use.
NamedNode A node that can supply its name in the DOM style and the XPath style.
NamespaceAware A NamespaceAware object works with a component that can supply a namespace context for resolving prefixes.
NamespaceContext A NamespaceContext is used for namespace URI resolution when a prefix is used.
NamespaceContext.Mutable A mutable namespace context.
NamespaceContextFactory A component that can supply a namespace context.
ParserConfiguration An implementation should contain the settings expected to parse an XML document.
QNameSet A value that contains one or several qualified names, such as an XPath expression.
XMLListener An XMLListener can react when XML nodes are updated.
XMLNames XML names.
XType The types of XML nodes and X-operables objects.

Class Summary
CanonicalPath Represent the canonical path of a node.
CompiledExpression.Impl A partial implementation of a compiled expression.
DelegateResolver Delegate the resolution of entities.
ExternalIdentifierFinder The lookup strategy for external-identifiers : top-down, registry before, interleave.
ExternalIdentifierResolver A universal EntityResolver that deals with catalogs, on behalf of a tool that may express its preference regarding external identifiers.
FileResolver A FileResolver provides various resolvers for external identifiers and URI references.
MasterXOperator Deprecated.  
NamedItem An item with a name, a value, and a parent.
NamedItemBuilder A default named item builder.
NamespaceContext.Elem A mutable namespace context backed by an element.
NamespaceContext.Impl A mutable default implementation of a NamespaceContext.
ParserConfiguration.Impl A standard configuration contains a set of flags and a set of attributes (features and properties) to set to a DOM or SAX parser.
QExpression A QName given by an expression.
QExpression.QNameWrapper A QExpression that simply wraps a QName.
QName A QName (qualified name) is an XML name built either with a prefix bound to a namespace URI and a local part, separated by a colon, or a non-colonned name that may be bound to a namespace URI.
URIReferenceFinder The lookup strategy for URI references : top-down, registry before, interleave.
URIReferenceResolver Resolves URI references with a catalog.
XComponent An X-component that has a list as content.
XFactory A factory that provides basic XML features related to XPath.
XFactory.Impl A partial implementation of an XFactory that provides a support of the XPointer framework.
XMapComponent An X-component that has a map as content.
XMLBuilder An XMLBuilder supplies an XML document.
XMLBuilder.TextBuilder A text builder doesn't use a SAX splitter but simply fire characters events to the applicative SAX handler.
XMLError Reports errors on behalf of an action that fails an XML operation (XML parsing, XSLT transformation).
XMLHelper Useful tools for XML processing.
XMLUtil XML utilities : a set of static methods.

Exception Summary
NamespaceException Denotes that an exception related to a namespace URI occurred, for example, when a prefix is not bound to a namespace URI.
UnmarshalException Exception for unmarshaller.
XFactoryConfigurationException An error that occurs when using an XFactory.
XMLException Denotes that an exception related to XML occurred.

Package org.inria.ns.reflex.xml Description

Core XML features.