Interface StandaloneProducer

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ChannelFunction.Channel, SAXAggregator, SAXDocument, StandaloneProducer.Impl, XMLBuilder.SAXSplitter

public interface StandaloneProducer
extends XMLReader

A standalone SAX events producer.

This interface is useful when XML events can be produced independently of a stream source.

For example, an SQL request could be used to fire SAX events ; in this case, the usual parse methods of XMLReader are irrelevant.

Philippe Poulard
See Also:
XMLReader.parse(String), XMLReader.parse(org.xml.sax.InputSource)

Nested Class Summary
static class StandaloneProducer.Impl
          A default implementation.
Method Summary
 void parse()
          Fire SAX events from an embedded source.
Methods inherited from interface org.xml.sax.XMLReader
getContentHandler, getDTDHandler, getEntityResolver, getErrorHandler, getFeature, getProperty, parse, parse, setContentHandler, setDTDHandler, setEntityResolver, setErrorHandler, setFeature, setProperty

Method Detail


void parse()
           throws SAXException
Fire SAX events from an embedded source.

SAXException - For compatibility.