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Packages that use SAXSafeDocument
org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.catalog The Active Catalog implementation. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.xml Core XML features. 
org.inria.ns.reflex.xml.sax SAX related utilities such as SAX aggregator, SAX converter, parsers, etc. 

Uses of SAXSafeDocument in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.catalog

Subclasses of SAXSafeDocument in org.inria.ns.reflex.processor.catalog
 class CatalogReader
          A CatalogReader fires SAX events from various input sources : XML OASIS Catalog, XML Active Catalog, non-XML Catalog (OASIS 9401:1997).

Uses of SAXSafeDocument in org.inria.ns.reflex.xml

Subclasses of SAXSafeDocument in org.inria.ns.reflex.xml
 class XMLBuilder.SAXSplitter
          A SAXSplitter fires SAX events to 2 handlers : one is the applicative handler, the other perform a copy to a DOM structure for reusability.

Uses of SAXSafeDocument in org.inria.ns.reflex.xml.sax

Subclasses of SAXSafeDocument in org.inria.ns.reflex.xml.sax
 class SAXAdaptableParser
          A SAXAdaptableParser parses an XML source that may be an entire XML document (with or without DTD stuff) as well as an XML fragment (with several root elements and/or eventually text around the root element(s) ).
 class SAXDocument
          A SAXDocument is an XML document producer that must be consumed by a client component.
 class SAXSafeParser
          A SAXSafeParser parses a source as if it was an XML source, and if it fails, delegates the job to another fallback reader.
 class XSLTFilter
          An XMLFilterImpl made from a TransformerHandler.