Building a new release of RefleX

From the SVN checkout.


Building the HTML documentation from the XML source is not yet available. The publishing process and the source files will be added to SVN soon.

  • Clean all : ant clean
  • Edit reflex.properties and change the properties reflex.status and reflex.release-date.
  • Replace properties with Ant : ant javaReplace
  • Compile : ant jar
  • Edit reflex.xml and change the attribute /doc:doc/doc:head/@reflex-version>.
  • Check that Changes is up to date with the last release (check the hard-coded text values for the date and status, that must be the same as in the property file).
  • Build the Javadoc : ant javadoc
  • Run JUnit ant junit-html
  • Clean the results of the XUnit test suite : delete ./src/tests/xunit//output/ ./src/tests/xunit//report/ directories and ./src/tests/xunit//*-err.xml files
  • Run the XUnit test suite (launch the CLI)
  • Generate the Website with RefleX (change /doc:doc/doc:head/@reflex-version)
  • Build the distributions : ant distrib
  • Upload the distributions (full, mini, jar, src, xunit) on GForge
  • Update download.php in the src doc with the file IDs under which each file has been registered on GForge.
  • Deploy the Website on GForge

Announces :

Building from the sources

You can download the sources if you want to rebuild the .jar files with Ant.

Ensure to supply the servlet API to Ant before running Ant.

The useful Ant targets for the source distribution are :

  • ant clean
  • ant cleanJava
  • ant compile
  • ant jar
  • ant javadoc
  • ant junit
  • ant junit-html

Other targets are usable from the SVN checkout.

Other things to take care

  • Compilation of css2xslfo: this tool have to be compiled from the sources; ensure to compile with java 1.4.2 in order to preserve compatibility.