All examples are included in the "full" distribution. Please refer to the download section.

Most of the examples are available for running from the command line as well as in a Web application. Please refer to the running section. Web applications are supposed to run on a servlet engine. A lightweight servlet engine is supplied for running Web applications of the tutorial (if you want to use your own servlet engine, don't forget to supply the libraries expected). A lightweight relational database is also supplied for running SQL examples.

Feel free to change the examples with your own stuff ! It's the better way to understand and learn !

Understanding the active tags used in the examples

The reference of the active tags and other XML materials specified in Active Tags is available here.

Running all the tutorials at once

This is done in the test suite thanks to XUnit, and for Web applications thanks to WUnit.

Basic tutorials

Quick start

Download the full binary release, unzip reflex-0.4.0-full-bin.zip and run the examples from the reflex/ directory.

"Hello world", multiple publication with XSLT, DTD validation and XInclusion.


From SQL to MVC - tutorials

How to map an arbitrary complex SQL query to a made-to-measure XML document, and how to expose this query as a component of a MVC architecture usable both in batch scripts and Web applications.


Schemas tutorials

How to perform an XML validation regarding a schema, how to express algorithmic rules and co-occurrence constraints in active schemas, how to design a semantic data type. Most things that can't be achieved with DTDs, Relax NG schemas, W3C XML Schema schemas, and sometimes neither Schematron are showned here : if you want more control on your XML documents, it is the right place...


Pipelines and filters - tutorials

How to convert a raw text file to XML with XPath or with a regular expression, how to use XPath patterns for filtering a big SAX source, how to design complex pipelines with dynamic redirections, how to redirect SAX events to a DOM subtree.


XQuery tutorial

How to query a native XML database with XQuery, how to copy files to a native XML database. This tutorial doesn't intend to be an XQuery tutorial, but a tutorial for submitting XQuery queries with RefleX in batch mode and within a Web application.


XUnit/WUnit tutorials

How to test programs that are dealing with XML datas : active sheets, stylesheets, or even Java programs. How to design a test case and how to build the report of a test suite. How to test the kinematic of Web applications : test the interactions between the UI and the server, act on server-side components such as objects stored in the user session.

More tutorials

...this is what I'm working on.

Other examples are available in the Tips & tricks section, and in the XML-oriented Programming section (they are runnable examples with XUnit). The XUnit cookbook may also help your learning.

The RefleX test suite also contains runnable examples that you can experiment yourself.